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The International Coaching Confederation™ is the world's largest not-for-profit* organization associated with coaching. We provide world-class standards, the highest level of security, and extensive governance of coaching. We educate the public and government organizations, certify coaches for excellence, accredit coach training organizations that agree with our standards and definitions, and provide cutting-edge professional development activities.

There are six categories of membership:

(1) Credentialed Coaches, which includes coaches who have attained any of the following certifications: MCC, ACC, BCC, CCC, ECC, FCC, HCC, ICC, JCC, KCC, LCC, DCC, PCC, RCC, GCC, TCC, or any of 65 different certifications currently available to coaches;

(2) Coaches Without Credentials, which includes those coaches whom through experience, inclination and intention, currently, in the past, or in the future hope to, coach someone about something;

(3) Credentialed Coaches Without Income, which includes coaches who have received training but have yet to make a decent living from coaching activities;

(4) Credentialed Mentor Coach, which includes coaches who make a living coaching other coaches or marketing their services to other coaches;

(5) Coach Educators, which includes persons who provide training, support, and practical assistance to coaches; and

(6) Coach Wave Surfers, which includes persons who have attached themselves to coaching, but are actually management consultants or psychologists disguised as executive coaches.

We adjust our membership categories on a regular basis. Our revisions are based on the survey research done by our marketing team. Once the team determines what is the best way to increase our membership income, we devise a new category to appeal to that particular target group.

Our membership includes more than 52,000 people associated with coaching and over 750 Fortune 500 companies that use coaches.

NEWS FLASH: Attend our 17th Annual Conference on Coaching Summits, Institutes, and Marketing Practices. The 11-day conference will take place in the future at a location to be determined and at a price as yet to be set. Scholarships are available if you are willing to be a keynote speaker, conference organizer, pot luck lunch provider, and assist in the swimming portion of the Coach Triathalon that will take place at the Conference. Let's make this a signature event. We have had no attendance for the last 16 annual conferences.

NEWS FLASH: Attend our Four Weekends to Excellence Training Program. On the first weekend you become a Master Certified Coach.™ On the second weekend you learn to captain a 747; on the third weekend we teach you to be a board-certified brain surgeon; and finally on the fourth weekend we provide you with the business skills to put the first three weekends together so that you teach others to attain all three credentials. This is a MULTI-NICHE training program and is the only way to generate revenue in tough economic times.

NEWS FLASH: Attend our Instant Coach Program. In less than 60 seconds you too can become a coach by using our proprietary, copyrighted, and evidence-based system to become the coach you always wanted to have. If you use our system and are not satisfied with what you've become, return at any time to use our system again to refine, modify or re-discover the correct role for you. Click here to immediately access the Instant Coach Program.

NEWS FLASH: Become certified through Dollar Store Coach Training. This unique training program, devised by experts and based on the models used by more expensive, established coach training organizations, is offered at an uncomparable low price using an amazing learning system based on the latest neuroscience. Their certification model has been derided a complete reversal of hidden coaching secrets. Click here to immediately access the Dollar Coach Program.

Our motto:

"If it moves, one of our members is coaching it."

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Our coaches can coach anybody about anything even if they don't want to be coached. No niche is to small or narrow; no situation or circumstance is to obscure that we don't have a coach who specializes in it and has had the same experience. While the fees charged by our coaches are high, they are eager to find clients. Learn why the coaches on our referral list receive so few requests for their services. We provide news and details about all coaching trends and issues, research, conferences and events, and professional activities as long as the ICC is noted or mentioned, is a sponsor, or had something to do with it. In a Nutshell: It isn't coaching if it doesn't include us; and Nutshell 2: If it doesn't make us happy it isn't related to coaching. Get more details about how we disguise features as benefits and how we scare people into becoming members. Learn about all the links that pay us to provide them on our website. Learn about the only coach training organizations we approve of, why you should only train for a certain number of hours, and the ethics that are the gold standard for coaches.
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Our next motto:

"We put the con in confederation."

* Not-for-profit means that we didn't start out this way, but the salaries we pay our management team, office expenses, and the travel expenses we pay to our Board members uses all the revenue we generate from member fees, conferences, and sponsorships; therefore, we are a not-for-profit organization.

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